Child Health

There are many places to get information online, but not all of them are truthful or accurate, and unfortunately some of them are intentionally misleading, and designed to get attention by alarming and scaring families. We recommend these websites for good, reliable and useful information.

1. Childrens Colorado –

This website is written and maintained by Children’s Hospital Colorado, in Aurora. It is particularly helpful when discussing infections in our local community, and also has many links to other high quality sources of information.

2. Healthy Children –

This is the parent website written by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is extremely up to date, and includes an enormous amount of information. It includes everything from routine behavior and development to a cold symptom analyzer, in addition it has safety information, updates on recalls and information about medical stories that are in the news.

3. CDC Vaccine Information for Parents –

This is the resource for accurate and up to date information about vaccines, side effects, risks of illness, and the risks of vaccines. In addition to the information from the vaccine information sheets (the VIS) it also has information on traveling out of the country, and on children and infants who are adopted.