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We offer complete and expert pediatric care for children and young adults from newborns to college students, including comprehensive well care, physicals, and illness or injury visits on both a scheduled and urgent walk-in basis. Please call our office line (303) 847-0040, to meet with us or if you would like to make an appointment. If you are calling after business hours, please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Dr. Valeri and our staff at Mountain Pediatrics would love to have the opportunity to meet your family, to show you our office, and to partner with you in providing your children a happy and healthy lifestyle. We try to regularly update our website with information for and from the community. Please feel free to check back with us here, or if you would prefer register with us on our location page, we send occasional updates to our patients and their families.

Welcome to the Family

Dr. Valeri and Mountain Pediatrics would like to welcome a new member to the family. Julie Trujillo!!! Julie is our new Physician Assistant and we are very excited to have her. She brings a wealth of great pediatric experience.

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Dr. Valeri’s Top Tips for School Success

Nap Time

Nap TimeAre you getting enough sleep? What about your teenager who needs almost 10 hours a day? Sleep rejuvenates us, and helps keep us from getting sick, too little and life becomes an overwhelming chaotic mess. Good sleep hygiene means regular patterns for bed time and plenty of time to “wind down” before sliding under the covers. Teach your children, and remind your teenagers about these good habits and daytime will be much more pleasant, and productive.

Great Starts

Great Starts

There is no doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast improves concentration, and results in higher test scores on both reading and problem solving exams. In addition, kids who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to become obese. The benefits continue for adults where a healthy breakfast is associated with lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. So try and sit down in the morning to start things right as a family, and the rest of the day will be better.

Vaccines Save Lives

Vaccines Save Lives

Simple, but true. Shots are not fun, and no one likes them. However the statistics for Colorado are truly concerning. As of 2008 only 79.4% of Colorado kids are fully vaccinated, and in that very same 2008 year 1,162 children had to be hospitalized in Colorado for vaccine preventable illnesses. More than 23% of those hospitalized were between 6 and 20 years old. If you have questions, Let me know. Everyone should feel informed and comfortable with the decisions they make to care their children.

Germ Free is Key

Germ Free is Key

Whether we are going back to school, or just starting for the first time – school time is exciting! New faces and old friends are everywhere. Unfortunately that also means we are exposed to lots of new germs. Protect your kids and family by using a simple water free hand sanitizer right before and right after school, not only does it work when you first put it on, but it keeps on working for several hours which can make a huge difference this cold and flu season.